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A Study of Angels in Art

Through the ages, artists have used Angels in their art.  The phrase "A picture is worth a thousands words" can easily be seen in art.  Here we will be studying the art of the masters such as Rembrandt and Dürer as well as others.  We fell behind on submitting new art, but we will make an effort to feature a new piece of art every month, so please bookmark this page for new studies. 

If you have a recommendation for a piece of art to be featured or would like to ask a question of our Fine Arts Consultant, email us at studies@angelfocus.com

This months featured artist:

Gustave Doré

If you are looking for art you saw in the past, all art will be archived by artist below.


Archived studies

Rembrandt  ~  Dürer  ~ Goltzius ~ Provost ~ Chagall


Gustave Doré

France: Strasbourg, January 6, 1832 – Paris, January 21, 1883

19th Century Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker

 The Firstborn Slain

Engraving, 1865

Illustration from the Bible


“…and it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt.  There was not a house where there was not one dead.”  Exodus 12:29-30


The Jewish celebration of Passover is from the story of the final plague that God sends down upon the Egyptians.  The plague was the death of the firstborn son of every family in Egypt.  God tells Moses that they children of the Israelites can be saved if they kill a lamb or young goat and smear the blood on their doorframes.  When the Angel of Death passed through the land, he would see the blood on the doorframe and know that it was the home of an Israelite, passing it by, sparing the male children inside.






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