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Studies of Marc Chagall's Angels

Marc Chagall

Liozno, July 7, 1887 France, March 28, 1985

20th Century Russian-Jewish Surrealist

 Painter, Illustrator, Sculptor, Printer, Stage Designer

Creation of Man

Oil on Canvas

Museé National, Nice, France


According to the Torah, you are not suppose to draw an image of God, so in this painting of the creation of man, God is represented by an angel.


In this painting, Chagall shows the birth of man and foresees the future events of man in the symbols floating above.  The symbols spinning in the vortex are the tablets of Moses, a blowing of the Jewish Shofar horn, Yom Kippur, the Torah, Jacob's ladder, a biblical scholar reading, Christ on the cross, the symbolic Christian fish and the exodus of the children of Israel.


The man and woman in the bottom right hand corner are either Adam and Eve or Chagall and his wife, who he often added to his art.  The farm animals on the left are normally in his work to remind him of his upbringing in Russia.

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