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Stopping the Hunger

I have been over weight since I got married.  My marriage wasn't without it's problems that are expected from any new marriage, but added to the typical problems, there was verbal and emotional abuse that I told myself I couldn't leave because I had children to think about.

I tried every diet imaginable, but instead of losing weight, I gained.  At my highest, I weighed 224 lbs, which was made even worse on my small 5'2" frame.  I wasn't eating because I was upset, I wasn't eating because I was bored, I wasn't eating to prove a point or hurt anyone else.  I was eating because I was hungry!  It didn't matter how much I ate, I had hunger pains.  I asked so many doctors about it, trying to get help.  Some tested me for various problems and deficiencies, but they found nothing.  Most the time, doctors didn't seem to care.  I was crying in the doctors office, asking him how I could lose weight.  His exact words were "Stop eating so much."  I knew then I wasn't going to get any help for the medical field.

Once I was in a good, supporting relationship, it seemed easier to lose weight.  But I still had the feeling of hunger.  Then one day, while explaining to someone how to protect themselves from negativity, I realized my hunger pains weren't in my stomach, where they should be.  They were in my solar plexus.  Your solar plexus is just below your sternum.  Your solar plexus is where you will feel pain if you are under a psychic attack.  Have you ever heard the term "I felt like I was kicked in the gut."?  That is what that is referring to. 

Once I realized the hunger pains were located in my solar plexus, I started paying attention to when I had them.  I soon noticed a pattern.  I would have "hunger" pains after an argument with a loved one, after receiving hate mail from the website and after submitting my website to search engines, which meant more attention and hits for the website.  These weren't hunger pains... these were psychic attacks!  After realizing this, whenever I would feel hungry, I would white light my solar plexus.  How to white light yourself is described below.  After white lighting myself, the hunger pains went away immediately, unless the pains were lower.  That was because the lower pains were truly hunger and I needed to eat.

This is not a wonder drug for losing weight.  I still have to diet to lose my excess weight.  But I no longer shovel food into my mouth to satisfy a hunger that wont go away.  I have explained this to others who had the same results.  Now I hope putting this here for all to read, will help others to satisfy that never ending hunger.  This doesn't replace the need to remove yourself from negativity, if at all possible, but it helps for times when it is not possible for you to avoid these situations or for attacks that you are unaware of.

If you try this, I would love to hear your results.

Protecting White Light

Your solar plexus is right under your sternum.  This is where you are attacked by negativity.  That is why they use the turn "I felt like I was kicked in the gut".  You are able to protect yourself when you've been attacked, or before one ever occurs.  This is done by imagining a small white light in the center of your solar plexus.  As you concentrate, imagine the white getting larger and brighter, until it encompasses your whole body and extend about a foot from your body.

This can be done every day before you get out of bed and will protect you through the day.


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